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Eviction Process in Orlando Florida

Eviction Process in Orlando Florida

Are you are a home owner in Orlando Florida? Do you manage your own rental ?  If so, you will inevitably be faced with a tenant that fails to pay his or her rent.  The best thing that you can do is hire a professional attorney to handle the eviction and of course hire Orlando Property Management Realty to manage the property once the tenants is out.

However, if you want to try and do the eviction by your self you should be aware of a few basic things.

1. Keep good bank account records.  The Judge will most likely want to see a ledger with all the rent deposits you ever made into your account.

2. Never accept partial rent payments, it tends to  muddy up the waters & Judges in Central Florida don’t like to see partial payments (trust me on this one)

3. If the tenant is late, you must post a 3 day notice before you can do anything else. The notice  should be delivered in person. If nobody is home, you should place the notice inside and envelop and tape it to the front door.  You must clearly put the tenants name on the outside of the envelop and give them 3 full business days to respond (exclude weekends and holiday)
A 3 day notice is a simple notice that explains to the tenants that they have 3 days to either Pay, Leave, or face Eviction.  Some counties in Florida use different types of 3 days notices, so we recommend that you get one directly from your local court house.

Lastly, if at all possible, your tenants should be made aware that evictions and foreclosure are totally different. The eviction process is  relatively  fast and only takes several weeks, unlike foreclosures that can some times take years!  Often times tenants will simply leave after the 3 day notice is posted, but if they refuse to leave, make sure you do everything by the book to avoid problems later on  in the court room.

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